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Interior and exterior design trends

Speaking of the most important interior and exterior design trends, let me tell you that it is clear that 2023 will be sponsored by the brand of renovations, “Renovate your home while you are in your place.”

If that’s the case, or if you just want to catch up on the latest trends, the pros here have their say on what’s to come over the next year.

4 styles of interior design

There is no dispute that there are attractive designs that make the client and the designer agree on its elegance and modernity.

We offer to all customers, whether decorating offices, furnishing companies, or institutions looking for the finest designs at a special price.

We mention to you here the most important four interior design trends for the new year, which are innovative, for reference, they are present in 2022 in more than one design.

1. Glass doors

Over the course of this year and next, the craze for glass doors will only increase. It is present in many of the current designs already.
The glass cabinets are very modern and give an aesthetic touch to the place by displaying what is inside, which is one of the most important 4 styles of interior design 2022/2023.

And you can put it in the sofas, kitchens, living room, and even bathrooms.

It allows its users to display beautiful crockery, favorite vases, accessories and other household items and present them in a decent look.

2. The emergence of small kitchen appliances

Today, there is a completely new way of designing kitchen decorations for followers of the chic look, which is to hide everything that is usually found on the work surfaces in order to present a sophisticated kitchen that deserves to be on the front page of any magazine.

Built-in wall storage cabinets are specially found to hold specific items, such as small household appliances.

Home appliances are increasingly found in kitchens, and in most designs they are placed behind built-in doors.

It is perfectly accessible while preparing meals, then hidden away once you’re done.

With the demand for smart and practical storage currently on the rise, we chose for you another popular solution that has been on the market for several years.

It is a large storage space allocation, with worktops designed to accommodate small and medium appliances.

When the kitchen is designed for it, these two options allow you to have a clean kitchen!

3. The return of warm colors

In modern designs, the wall colors turn to warm white, and the furniture is made of medium and natural wood.

This design trend continues to include metals, with golden faucets and handles.

This color spectrum is not only found in regular designs, but many modern decorations adopt this trend, adding warmth and softness to any room of the house.

4. Wind-up furniture with a bohemian design

Then, with regard to furniture, pieces made of natural, locally produced materials are chosen. This reduces the effects of manufactured materials on the environment.

Beautiful design while taking advantage of the materials available directly in some areas, thus, obtaining raw materials for local manufacturing reduces environmental pollution.

In the case of outdoor furniture, locally manufactured elements ensure that they will withstand the climate of the regions from which they derive as raw materials, and we are talking about wood in particular.


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